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A ca. 1940s Old Hickory Du Pont company baseball team pose for a picture at night on a baseball field, likely Jones Field in Old Hickory.

world series trip in late 40's or early 50's.tif
A ca. 1930s-1940s Old Hickory Du Pont company baseball team leaves Tennessee on a trip to watch the World Series

A ca. 1920s Du Pont Old Hickory company baseball team.

1877 marriage certificate of W. R. FIsh and Susan Keith.

An example of a fragile, damaged record being properly handled.

Rayon Yarns, July 1940, page 3 crop.jpg
The 1940 Du Pont Old Hickory baseball team posing for photograph.

Rayon Yarns, June 1947,page26 crop.jpg
The first night game of Du Pont baseball in Old Hickory, Tennessee, June 1947.

An Old Hickory Du Pont company baseball player pitching.

A technician works on the lights at Jones Field in Old Hickory, Tennessee.

Rutherford County Courthouse 1812-1823.jpg
This photograph is a scan of an artist's rendering of the first Rutherford County, Tennessee, courthouse.
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